01  Program objectives

The Digital transformation 4.0 program aims to accelerate the development of true digital culture in all environments. This program focuses on the skills of organization, digital monitoring, mobilization and support of organizations or companies that wish to implement new practices in connection with the digital tools available.

  • To enable the development of technical knowledge and skills and technologies in communication, problem solving, decision-making, ethics, and safety.
  • To develop one’s autonomy, one’s ability to learn and acquire effective working methods, to develop one’s ability to express oneself, one’s creativity, one’s sense of initiative and one’s entrepreneurial spirit.
  • To make known the major trends associated with digital technology and the labor market in general as well as the context of its integration into companies or organizations.
  • Allow you to adopt a proactive attitude in the face of changes, give means to manage your career, by raising awareness of entrepreneurship.

02  Required Skills

  • Have a sense of planning and organization
  • Love to advise and accompany changes
  • Know how to mobilize teams

03  Career Prospects

Digital 4.0 advisors will use their expertise in supporting companies to make their digital shift strategically and sustainably as an employee or as a self-employed worker.

  • Digital 4.0 advisors will use their expertise in supporting companies to make their digital
  • shift strategically and sustainably as an employee or as a self-employed worker.

04  Future Employers

  • Public and parapublic organizations
  • Self-employment
  • Private companies in all sectors of activity: manufacturing, services, shops

Digital Transformation



Admission Requirements

A person who has received instruction considered sufficient*by the college and meets any of the following conditions may be admitted to a program of studies leading to an Attestation of College Studies

The person has interrupted full-time studies or pursued full-time post-secondary education for at least 2 consecutive sessions or one academic year.
The person is covered by an agreement between the college and an employer or benefits from a government program.

The person interrupted full-time studies for one semester and pursued full-time post-secondary education for one session.
The person holds the Diploma of Vocational Studies.

*Collège Milestone recognizes as sufficient training: Secondary 5 or equivalent.


Program Courses

Quebec business in the digital age 60h
Introduction to Big Data 75h
Innovation in the digital age 45h
Analysis of the impacts of digital technology on the performance and productivity of your company 60h
Implementation of a digital strategic watch 45h
Support for digital change 45h
Planning the company’s digital integration 60h
Total  390h

Possible tasks

At the end of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • Plan the implementation of digital technology within an organization and ensure the follow-up of the implementation of the planning.
  • Participate in the development of analyses of digital ecosystems, propose coherent digital strategies
  • Engage an organization’s employees and participate in changing organizational culture
  • Ensure rigorous project management by developing schedules and budgets as well as mobilizing all the resources involved
  • Work closely with a team to support digital change
  • Appropriate and use the various tools by the ministries and the digital strategy of Quebec.

Organization Of Work

  • Possibility of working remote
  • Flexible hours
  • Possibility to work overtime in the evenings and on weekends