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DEP is the acronym for “Diploma of Vocational Studies” in French. A DEP program can last anywhere from 600 to 1800 hours and prepares students to train in a profession to directly enter the job market.
ACS is the acronym for Attestation of collegial studies or AEC “Attestation d ’études collégiales in french” Each ACS program have a different duration and prepares to enter on the job market.


We have intake all year long. Please look at our school starting dates to find out.
As we have many other programs we ask you to contact us for specific information according the program you’re interested in.
To submit your application: go to Admission
Collège Milestone doesn’t provide insurance policy, you need to get your own insurance.
You need to be our registered International student. To be registered, please follow the link Admission – rediriger à admission contenu identique How can I get a student OPUS form? Please contact us to make an appointment by email ([email protected] ) or by phone


1. We accept payment by credit card (bank fees apply and are the responsibility of the student), debit card or cash.
2. By international bank transfer, Paypal (bank charges apply and are to be paid by the student)
3. If you choose E-Transfer, you can make multiple payments.
4. You can also send us a check
1- Contact the College Admissions/Student Affairs Department to inform and explain the reason for withdrawal
Depending on the student's contract, penalty fees apply in the event that the student does not complete the programm.
- Contact the Finance Department at [email protected] to request the official receipt
- It takes 5 working days after receiving the request to obtain the official document
- For students who are active students, please visit the Coba website or the Student Portal where you will be able to download your T2202 and Rl8 tax documents from the 28th of February of each year.
- For those students who have already finished their training and wish to receive their tax
receipts, please contact us at the following address [email protected]
- Contact information [email protected]

International Students

A great option to consider is shared apartments, which are very common in Montreal. Apartment-sharing is not synonymous with partying, but rather associated with pleasant and affordable student cohabitation.
Learning about the necessary steps will help you understand the process, even if you need to wait for the official college admissions letter to start the process.To apply for a student visa, you must meet the requirements of the Quebec government and the Canadian government. Before coming to Canada, you must obtain:
- CAQ - Quebec Acceptance Certificate (certificat d’acceptation du Québec).
- Study Permit


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